Steps to get 360 Waves

Steps to get 360 Waves

Steps to 360 waves

The three most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to get 360 waves in your hair are: Brushing, Moisturizing, and Wearing a Du Rag.

If you are trying to get 360 waves then your Du Rag is an essential tool in this process. Not only using your Du Rag but using the RIGHT. Of course you want the best Du Rag to get the best results but you also want the most stylish Du Rag to look the best while getting your waves right and you want to be comfortable. We provide the best styles with the best comfort.



Along with the right Du Rag you will need the right brush. There are many brushes out there. The best type of brush while vary by your hair texture and length. It is recommend to use a soft brush when you have a lower cut and a hard brush when your hair is longer.



Wolfing is a term which refers to growing your hair  and not getting a haircut while brushing and brushing and brushing! This keeps your waves laid to train your hair into your desired wave pattern. This is process done by wavers usually for 4-6 weeks. This method helps build your waves so that when you do finally get haircut your waves will have grown into a nice pattern and you will be Spinning!



It is essential to keep your waves moisturized. It only makes sense, you cant have waves with no moisture! It is recommended to use curling conditioner to keep your waves moisturized and conditioned. There are many different varieties and brands out there and the results for each one will vary based on your hair texture and length. If you are unsure where to start first we recommend Luster's pink lotion.

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